By combining both technological excellence and intuitive design, Unicheck helps to achieve authenticity instead of simply pointing out similarity

  • Accurate search

    Access to 40B+ web pages, educational databases, and institutional library files

  • Bulk data processing

    Swift simultaneous checks with real-time reports even in high seasons

  • High speed

    It takes only 24 sec per document to deliver a comprehensive similarity report with clickable sources and adjustable citations and references.

  • Anti-cheating technologies

    Preventing cheating by removing all styles and formatting from the text to help you see character substitutions.

  • Support of 99% of file formats and bulk uploads
  • Detailed reports to revise potential plagiarism
  • Google add-on for on-the-go similarity checks
  • Effortless integration with all major LMSs
  • Real-time search across the Internet & your library
  • Similarity links free from viruses, phishing, and other security threats
  • Check for plagiarism in your business ecosystem
  • Text structure and formatting stay unaffected
  • Aggregated analytics for in-depth analysis

Unicheck detects suspicious formatting in student submissions, such as:

  • Character replacement
  • Color-hidden characters
  • Special symbols and fonts
  • Replacement of text with images
  • Multiple document layers

The internet is experiencing a sharp race in marketing course online. The Arab course provides its subscribers with many services enabling them to increasing the numbers of the trainees and so the course gains credibility and reliability through:

  • Publishing the courses via Arab course platform
  • Getting assessments from the trainees who participate in the course and center.
  • Receiving money though Pay Pal
  • Transferring money to the educational centers
  • A specified place for advertisement about courses.

Comprehensive Report

Intuitive Toolbox with a full overview

See All Matches

Text similarities are highlighted in the body of the report.

Quickly Exclude

Easily exclude sources, citations or references that affect similarity score.

Identify Sources

See the exact link for each source of text match. No more guessing or assuming. Teachers are confident and secure when discussing cases of academic misconduct with students. Suspicious links are highlighted.

Provide Feedback

Easily comment on the paper.

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Features of Arab course:

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    Security : We take data security very seriously.All servers are secured, data is encrypted, physical building has bio locks and identification.No third parties have access to data.

  • feature image

    No Worries : 99.9% uptime.You don't need toworry about updates, installation or maintenance.We manage it all.

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    24/7/365 Support: We are always there to support you. Available via chat, phone and email.

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    Seamless Integration: Straightforward documentation and technical support makes integration fast

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