Arab course system enables you to:

  • Pay Safely

    when choosing suitable course

  • Your Opinion

    Assess the course and the educational establishment at the end of the training course

  • Reinforce yourself

    observe you progress and you level during the course.

  • Step forward

    Get certified certificate from the educational establishment.

The Arab course platform provides you various reports about the members and how active during the training course which can leads to easy observation for the user participation. Through reports and records , it can be identified how serious the trainee is and whether he fulfill the requirement of the couse. Also it reflects the knowledge and skills the trainee acquire out of the course. The records are:

  • Marks record
  • Lecture attendance
  • Exam performance record
  • User activity record
  • Block record
  • certificates

It is vital that the training center assure the identity of the trainee while setting for the exam. The educational center has the right to choose the venue for the exam whether in the center or any place the trainee like to do the exam provided that the trainer must observes the trainee while setting for the exam. This can be done through the following steps:

  • The trainer activates the verification of the user identity.
  • The trainee is required to take photo of himself instantly and contacts the trainer to allow him to set for the exam.
  • The trainer receives a notification and immediately to verify the photo of the user and then allow the user to start the exam.
  • The trainee receive a notification from the trainer to start the exam.
  • The trainee can watch and observe the trainee while setting for the exam.

The training course should have a specific time enabling the trainee to know the training course plan. The Arab course platform provides daily, weekly and monthly evauation connected to notification system for the trainees. So when any activity in the course gets modified / added, the trainee will get reminded of any changes. The center has many activities can be added such as:

  • Adding groups
  • Adding chatting
  • Adding exam/tasks
  • Adding questionnaire/ poll.
  • Adding lecture
  • Adding various events

Getting the trainee always connected with the trainer and with activities of the training course enhances his mental attachment with training course and keeps hih in touch with the events in time. Therefore the Arab course platform provides its users techniques ensuring effective communication among the individuals at the educational center, the triner and the trinee. Some of these techniques are:

  • using private messages
  • Using notification system.
  • Using e-mail
  • Using mobile message.

The internet is experiencing a sharp race in marketing course online. The Arab course provides its subscribers with many services enabling them to increasing the numbers of the trainees and so the course gains credibility and reliability through:

  • Publishing the courses via Arab course platform
  • Getting assessments from the trainees who participate in the course and center.
  • Receiving money though Pay Pal
  • Transferring money to the educational centers
  • A specified place for advertisement about courses.

Using the Arab course makes the difference:

  • Train your employees, anywhere, anytime
  • Plan previously for the course and make it work spontaneously.
  • Save your files and documents through could program.
  • Using modern electronic, instructional media to present your course.
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Features of Arab course:

  • feature image

    Arab course conforms with all devices such as: mobile phones, tablets, computer with different browser, Wherever you are, you can get access to Arab course and practice learning and teaching

  • feature image

    Arab course Facilitates transfer of money and investments between the trainees and educational centers, through selling/ purchasing of the courses by reliable banking systems

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    Arab course Trains teachers on virtual learning and improve their skills in how using modern learning systems and cope with the changes in learning.

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    Arab course assigns the roles of users like: manager, administrators, teacher and students. It provides each role of the users with specific authority suiting the user's tasks.

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